Food(lg) is a food journaling, nutrition tracking and analysis app on your diet, by simply taking pictures of what you have eaten. Powered by a deep-learning framework that learns the food type from image ‘pixels’, and based on standard nutritional guidelines and food composition data from the Health Promotion Board (HPB), Food(lg) calculates your daily nutrient estimates with the journaled entries for achieving a well-balanced diet.

Food Nutrition

Deep Learning Food Recognition

A deep learning image-based food recognition for a faster, closest food match and handy recording

Comprehensive Food List

Search & browse for your favourite and local foods with keyword + nutrition mapping

Intuitive Nutrition Information

Colour-coded design for easy comparison and understanding of food nutrition


Monitor your Daily
and Weekly Goals

Intuitive Visuals

Get insights to your daily and weekly nutrition with colourful charts and summaries

Personalised Recommended Daily Value

Choose from macro or micro nutrient types to closely monitor on your interests & needs

Track on your Fitness Goals*

Integrate with activity tracking data, to compare with caloric intake and complete your fitness goals
*upcoming feature

Connecting Users to Nutritional Experts

Receive valuable insights and dietary advice from nutritionists & dieticians on your food choice.

Having someone on your side is a great way to stay motivated in eating healthily!

and Food

Share information about your recent meals, restaurant locations and favourite food with your friends.

It's also a great opportunity to explore new eateries and alternative eating options.